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Arris Catering Equipment® is a leading name in the production of professional gas and electric grills.
1993 - The Calzavara family, creators of the patented Grillvapor® & Overgrill® technology, founds Arris Catering Equipment.
We are specialists in grilling systems. We always offer the best solutions to our customers by increasing the softness and taste of food through the high quality of our products and our Grillvapor® and Overgrill® technology.
Arris Catering Equipment has designed and patented the GRILLVAPOR® cooking system, which combines precisely controllable high temperatures with the gentle hydration of cooking surfaces. Thanks to the patented Arris Grillvapor® technology, which only Arris can produce and which is applied on all our GRILLVAPOR® & OVERGRILL®, weight loss (-20%) and mass loss are reduced to increase the portions of cooked food, bringing great economic benefits to those who use Girillvapor®. Arris Grillvapor® technology allows faster cooking (+20% on average compared to traditional grilling systems) and enables healthy cooking while keeping food colors alive. The patented Arris Grillvapor® technology, thanks to the special cooking system, also enhances the flavors and organoleptic characteristics of foods, eliminates the use of oils and seasoning fats for additional cost savings.
Arris Catering Equipment® 是专业燃气和电烤炉生产领域的领先品牌。
1993 年 - Calzavara 家族(Grillvapor® 和 Overgrill® 专利技术的创造者)创立了 Arris Catering Equipment。
我们是烧烤系统的专家。 我们始终通过高质量的产品以及 Grillvapor® 和 Overgrill® 技术来提高食物的柔软度和口味,从而为客户提供最佳的解决方案。
Arris Catering Equipment 设计了 GRILLVAPOR® 烹饪系统并获得专利,该系统将精确控制的高温与烹饪表面的温和水合结合在一起。 得益于Arris Grillvapor®专利技术,该技术只有Arris才能生产,并应用于我们所有的GRILLVAPOR®和OVERGRILL®,减少了重量损失(-20%)和质量损失,从而增加了熟食的份量,带来了巨大的经济效益 给使用 Girillvapor® 的人带来好处。 Arris Grillvapor® 技术可实现更快的烹饪速度(与传统烧烤系统相比平均提高 20%),并在保持食物颜色鲜活的同时实现健康烹饪。 得益于特殊的烹饪系统,获得专利的 Arris Grillvapor® 技术还可以增强食物的风味和感官特征,消除油和调味脂肪的使用,从而进一步节省成本。
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