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We make premium-quality coffee machines and equipment that are user-friendly, durable and convenient to maintain.
Our machines deliver a wide range of fresh, hot beverages time after time. Everything from freshly ground espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato to tea, hot chocolate and instant soup.
We’ve been doing business for over 68 years in more than 70 countries worldwide. Because good coffee takes a good machine. And a good machine takes experience, expertise and dedication.
我们生产质量上乘的咖啡机和设备,这些咖啡机和设备用户友好、耐用且易于维护。 我们的机器一次又一次地提供各种新鲜的热饮。 从现磨浓缩咖啡、卡布奇诺或拿铁玛奇朵到茶、热巧克力和速溶汤,应有尽有。 我们在全球 70 多个国家/地区开展业务已超过 68 年。 因为好咖啡离不开好机器。 一台好的机器需要经验、专业知识和奉献精神。
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