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CB have been making rotisseries since 1962 so they know a thing or two about ovens! You can rely on CB rotisseries to give you a high quality product and service.

If you're wondering why chicken rotisseries are always featured in supermarkets, delicatessens and food halls, the answer is simple. CB’s range of rotisseries offer quick cooking and the end product is a meal with lower fat content and higher flavour. Chicken and other white meats have much lower fat content, which can be advantageous to cholesterol levels in human health.
CB 自 1962 年以来一直在制作烤肉系列,因此他们对烤箱略知一二! 您可以信赖 CB rotisseries 为您提供高质量的产品和服务。

如果您想知道为什么超市、熟食店和美食广场总是有鸡肉烤肉店,答案很简单。 CB 的烤肉系列提供快速烹饪,最终产品是脂肪含量更低、风味更佳的餐点。 鸡肉和其他白肉的脂肪含量要低得多,这有利于人体健康中的胆固醇水平。
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