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Chocolate world(比利时)

-优势品牌。深圳招财猫公司经销代理比利时CHOCOLATE WORLD电器设备用品类,原装进口,非常合理低价。
For 30 years, Chocolate World has offered complete solutions for the artisanal chocolate market, sharing our knowledge with you and listening to your val-
uable ideas and expectations. We constantly strive to offer top quality products combined with an excellent service. Every day we enjoy the challenge of
supporting you in your artisanal chocolate enterprise.
In 2008, Chocolate World started a partnership with Hacos, a Belgian company with over 40 years of experience in the construction of industrial chocolate
machinery. The combination of our capabilities in the artisanal market and Hacos’ expertise in machinery construction resulted in high-quality, user-friendly
Since the summer of 2016, Chocolate World moved its machinery, mould production, warehouse and showroom to a centralised location in Hoboken Ant-
werp, to improve and guarantee an optimal service. It was at this time that Chocolate World started to produce its machinery completely independent.
One of our motivations is to introduce you to the technological possibilities of the traditional chocolate industry. For maximum result, our engineers devel-
oped methods to convert industrial systems into artisanal solutions. User-friendliness and usability are the main focus in the design of our machines.
We continuously try to improve the hygiene factor of our machines and to reduce energy consumption.
Explore the brand new catalogue, and discover our full product range, made in Belgium.
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