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-优势品牌。公司代理奥地利CITROCASA全自动榨汁机,原厂新品 ,非常合理低价,售后服务保障。更多请咨询客服
CITROCASA was created in 1993 to meet the very exacting hygiene and quality standards required in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – countries well-known for their excellent engineering. In our domestic market of Austria and Germany we are proud to be the only whole system provider of:orange juicers (Citrocasa), oranges (Frutas Naturales) and bottles.
The distribution of our oranges, bottles and especially our juicers is strong throughout Europe, USA and Middle East, and continuing to expand and increase our prominence all over the world.
CITROCASA 创建于 1993 年,旨在满足德国、奥地利和瑞士(以其卓越的工程技术而闻名的国家)所要求的非常严格的卫生和质量标准。 在我们的奥地利和德国国内市场,我们自豪地成为唯一的整套系统供应商:橙子榨汁机 (Citrocasa)、橙子 (Frutas Naturales) 和瓶子。
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