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Since 1985 we’ve been making ice with constant care and attention to detail. Ice-making is our passion. It is also a commitment to our customers, who must always be provided with optimal, timely solutions for all their needs.
We design and manufacture machines according to the highest standards. So, we use the best materials and the most advanced technologies. A crucial factor, however, is our highly qualified team, whose members constantly upgrade their skills and know-how.
This means constant effort and research, in order to more fully understand and anticipate the developments of the market and produce constantly upgraded product ranges by adding new products year after year.
自 1985 年以来,我们一直以不断的关注和对细节的关注来制冰。 制冰是我们的热情所在。 这也是对我们客户的承诺,我们必须始终为客户提供最佳、及时的解决方案来满足他们的所有需求。
我们按照最高标准设计和制造机器。 因此,我们使用最好的材料和最先进的技术。 然而,一个关键因素是我们高素质的团队,其成员不断提升他们的技能和专业知识。
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