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In 1961, Bar Maid introduced the first five brush Electric Glass Washing Machine as the “World’s Most Efficient Glass Washer.” With five spinning brushes to simultaneously scrub the inside and outside of glasses, it proved an economical way to ensure the fast, easy removal of tough stains like lipstick and fruit pulp. The compact submersible Electric Glass Washer, and later the upright model, quickly became the professional bartender’s choice for durability, efficiency and size small enough to fit in almost any bar sink.
While competitive copies soon emerged, Bar Maid Washers remained the quality leader. To compliment their Washer line, Bar Maid also offered their unique LoSUDS Detergent for clean, spotless glassware and later the Sani-Maid Sanitizer for the ultimate in glassware sanitation.
While Bar Maid has made minor improvements to their famous five brush Electric Glass Washers over the years, perhaps the most important evolution has been in the brushes. As the different sizes and shapes of glassware have evolved, Bar Maid has developed a wide variety of brush styles to clean virtually any size or shape of glass, including shot and margarita glasses, pitchers, coffee pots and extra tall glassware. The company also offers “softie” brushes with softer bristles for plastic glassware and special sized brushes upon request.
The company added more innovative products including the KP Cart and KP Dolly for easy moving of heavy beer kegs or trash cans. A one and a two horsepower bar blender, along with two citrus juicers, were added to round out the bar equipment line.
In 2011, Bar Maid set its eye on being the #1 source of bar supplies too and unveiled its line of “Best in the Bar” Bar Necessities. High quality, mostly Made in USA products designed for professional bartenders including measured pourers, shot and “bomb” cups, mats, caddy organizers and much, much more. Bar Maid continued to expand its product catalog, most recently including a line of Fly-Bye products to help the hospitality industry combat pesky fruit flies, a commercial glass polisher and a citrus wedger.
Bar Maid Corporation, of Pompano Beach, FL, remains a privately held company focused on the best quality products for the bar.
1961 年,Bar Maid 推出了第一台五刷电动玻璃清洗机,被誉为“世界上最高效的玻璃清洗机”。使用五个旋转刷同时擦洗眼镜的内部和外部,事实证明这是一种经济的方式,可以确保快速、轻松地去除口红和果肉等顽固污渍。紧凑型潜水式电动玻璃清洗机,以及后来的立式型号,迅速成为专业调酒师的选择,因为它经久耐用、效率高,而且尺寸小到几乎可以放入任何酒吧水槽。
虽然竞争性副本很快出现,但 Bar Maid Washers 仍然是质量领导者。为了补充他们的洗衣机系列,Bar Maid 还提供了他们独特的 LoSUDS 清洁剂,用于清洁、一尘不染的玻璃器皿,后来又提供了 Sani-Maid 消毒剂,用于最终的玻璃器皿卫生。
虽然 Bar Maid 多年来对其著名的五刷电动玻璃清洗机进行了微小的改进,但也许最重要的改进在于刷子。随着不同尺寸和形状的玻璃器皿的发展,Bar Maid 开发了多种刷子样式,几乎可以清洁任何尺寸或形状的玻璃器皿,包括小酒杯和玛格丽塔酒杯、水罐、咖啡壶和超高玻璃器皿。该公司还根据要求提供用于塑料玻璃器皿的软毛刷和特殊尺寸的刷子。
该公司增加了更多创新产品,包括 KP Cart 和 KP Dolly,以便轻松移动沉重的啤酒桶或垃圾桶。添加了一台一马力和两台马力的酒吧搅拌机,以及两台柑橘榨汁机,以完善酒吧设备系列。
2011 年,Bar Maid 也着眼于成为酒吧用品的第一来源,并推出了“酒吧最佳”酒吧必需品系列。高品质,主要是为专业调酒师设计的美国制造产品,包括测量倒酒器、小杯和“炸弹”杯、垫子、球童组织者等等。 Bar Maid 继续扩大其产品目录,最近包括一系列 Fly-Bye 产品,以帮助酒店业对抗讨厌的果蝇、商用玻璃抛光机和柑橘楔子。
位于佛罗里达州庞帕诺比奇的 Bar Maid Corporation 仍然是一家私营公司,专注于为酒吧提供最优质的产品。
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