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Chocovision is an American company dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing, and business consulting of innovative chocolate processing equipment. We have positioned ourselves as trendsetters in the chocolate industry with the use of modern microprocessor technology in our Revolation series of chocolate tempering machines.
A commitment to the highest quality standards for the manufacturing process, as well as customer service, further distinguishes us from our competition. We consider troubleshooting and overall customer support as crucial as creating groundbreaking machinery.
The Revolation series of chocolate tempering machines provides users with simple means to what is essentially a highly sophisticated process, the tempering of chocolate. In addition, ChocoVision carries select accessories such as premium chocolates, flavorings, dipping tools, gift boxes and novelties.
Our clients range worldwide in the Chocolate, Candy, Confectionery, and Bakery industries. ChocoVision serves the daily needs of domestic end-users, commercial customers, and large industrial corporations.
Chocovision 是一家美国公司,致力于创新巧克力加工设备的制造、营销和业务咨询。 我们在 Revolation 系列巧克力调温机中采用现代微处理器技术,将自己定位为巧克力行业的潮流引领者。
对制造过程和客户服务的最高质量标准的承诺,进一步使我们在竞争中脱颖而出。 我们认为故障排除和整体客户支持与创造突破性机械一样重要。
Revolation 系列巧克力调温机为用户提供了简单的方法来实现本质上高度复杂的工艺,即巧克力调温。 此外,ChocoVision 还提供优质巧克力、调味品、浸渍工具、礼品盒和新奇物品等精选配件。
我们的客户遍及世界各地的巧克力、糖果、糖果和烘焙行业。 ChocoVision 服务于国内最终用户、商业客户和大型工业企业的日常需求。
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