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BIOCLIMATIC is dedicated to contribute to better health by restoring indoor air to its natural state and improve air quality - for everyone in every area of our life. We represent 40 years of experience in the field of air ionisation, degermification and waste air purification systems.
Since 1978 we have grown into one of the market leaders in the field of indoor air quality solutions. At BIOCLIMATIC, a family owned business, we proudly manufacture German-made products in our facility and headquarter in Bad Nenndorf, Germany, where our dedicated team is devoted to develop and build the highest quality air purification systems to serve our global customers. Our products range from portable purifiers, to standing alone or wall mounted home and office units, to customized commercial solutions.
BIOCLIMATIC 致力于通过将室内空气恢复到自然状态并改善空气质量来促进更好的健康 - 为我们生活各个领域的每个人服务。 我们在空气电离、除菌和废气净化系统领域拥有 40 年的经验。

自 1978 年以来,我们已发展成为室内空气质量解决方案领域的市场领导者之一。 BIOCLIMATIC 是一家家族企业,我们自豪地在我们位于德国 Bad Nenndorf 的工厂和总部生产德国制造的产品,我们的专业团队致力于开发和构建最高质量的空气净化系统,为我们的全球客户提供服务。 我们的产品范围从便携式净化器到独立式或壁挂式家用和办公设备,再到定制的商业解决方案。
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